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I had to download a new copy of Google Sync this morning and was surprised by the appearance of contact sync! There are a couple of bugs that I've observed.

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Blackberry contacts with addresses have a new address field added to their google contact counterpart with every sync, so for example, a contact will have 3 identical home addresses if you sync 3 times. This bug only seems to happen if the contact only has ONE address field and doesn't seem to happen if they have both a work and home address These affected contacts are then striped of their phone number information on the blackberry side.

So a blackberry contact with a address and a phone number becomes a google contact with multiple addresses and a phone number and then the blackberry contact loses it's phone number.

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Joseph Schaeffer said November 19, at 1: Michael said Vorstand LokPopp said November 19, at 2: Bullring said November 19, at 3: AndrewKennerly said Alessandro Adami said SkiSulli said I am having the same issues Matt mentioned above. This really messed up my contacts on both. Thanks Google for launching something with bugs like this. Also I have not tried to log out or sync and remove it because it asks if I want to delete all items synced or cancel. I am too afraid that it will delete all my contacts and all my calendar events. I expect more from Google.

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November 19, at 4: Any chance a feature could be added so we can choose what groups we want to sync instead of everything in My Contacts? I have quite a few e-mail addresses that I really don't need in my phone. Robinson said Manuel said Same problem than robinson, i have a blackberry Bold.

Can't install Google Sync. It says: Dispositivo no admitido. Lo sentimos, Google Sync no es compatible con tu dispositivo. November 19, at 5: Another issue that I just found.

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If I try to call a contact on my phone where sync deleted the phone numbers I get an "Uncaught exception: NullPointerException" that locks up my BB and causes me to have to do a hard reset on the phone. I seem to be experiencing the same problems as Matt and SkiSulli.

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Looks like Im going to wipe my contacts, reload them from my blackberry desktop software and switch sync back to calendar only until a fix comes out. I was so excited too Contact syncing between platforms is a non-trivial problem and both blackberry and gmail contacts are comically easy to backup. Speed seems to be an issue too. I know upon install it states that the first sync can take a while, but mine took 30 minutes and seems to take minutes for each sync after that too.

November 19, at 6: I'd really like to see OTA sync with the iPhone, and I'm actually very surprised it doesn't exist yet, but I'm also a little nervous about trusting Google with my contact information since their contact management needs a lot of work. MaxAudet said I am also having some issues but haven't lost any data Some contact dont have their phone synched to the BB November 19, at 7: The Google Sync download link only works if it can identify your device as a BlackBerry. Wap Review said I'd like to make a request the Google provide zipped.

Googled recently released Google Maps as a. Can we please have the same for dMail and Sync? November 19, at 8: Johnny Sze said Screwed up my phone, not just address book. Sometimes the same is happening upon termination of a received call. Wiped out the SIM card address book hoping to get rid of this clash, didn't help at all - guess the call log already contains inconsistent data, some entries are blank. This happened on Curve , in case it matters. I'm pretty aggravated right now - the phone is barely usable. I am unable to install Sync on my BlackBerry Curve Why this? November 20, at Jose Mendiola said Same here: O What's wrong??

November 20, at 1: November 20, at 4: Same problem with the duplicating addresses and removal of phone numbers on the device end. Big disappointment This could be a great app! November 20, at 5: After reading through the comments, I'm on the fence. I've been dying to replace Outlook with Google and Remember the Milk, and contacts are the only hurdle. I had similar deletion problems with Plaxo, it was a horrible mess. I may take a deep breath and give this a shot, using Outlook at my backup in case it all goes to hell. November 20, at 6: Garold Stone said Will Google Sync work on the new Blackberry Storm ?

November 20, at 8: It takes a lot of playing around with to get it working. I don't think it is quite stable yet. Finally did get it to sync without screwing up my contacts, and another bug, the Address Book is no longer searchable by first name on on the Blackberry. We are desperit waiting for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 20, at 9: First of all let's give Google Mobile team some credit, they worked hard on the application.

I'm too experiencing the same problems where addresses and phone numbers are added twice. My main problem however is when I add a contact to my BlackBerry, it doesn't add it to my Gmail Contacts. Adam M. Kierzkiewicz said Thanks for this! Works great. Would love to be able to just sync a specific group if you're looking for future suggestions, but really, this alone is great!

Everything is syncing perfectly, both ways. Verizon user. Sure the google sync tool did a great job. But installation does not work for me and my bb 4. Seems my device is not supported to. Or am I doing something?

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Also for mine BB with OS version 4. Would be fantastic to be able to use it. Gihan D. Perera said Thanks google guys If two-way calendar syncing was available, mobile living would be approximately 1,,,,,,, times easier Wayne Schulz said Have used this for three days on a BlackBerry Bold. My three word review: It Doesn't Work Well, that's not entirely true.

It works at synching some but not all contacts 5 , 6, 7 or even 8 times. If you don't mind screwing up some of your BlackBerry contacts - have at it. Otherwise -- avoid this. November 21, at 3: Was very happy to read the announcement of this new feature. At first I got the unsupported device problem. Unfortunately I got the same problem as many others; telephone numbers on my BB got lost. November 21, at 4: Had been looking forward to this for a long time. Unfortunately to put it mildly , I've got unspeakable numbers of duplicates now, each with their own uniquely assorted omissions, deletions, and flaws.

In Google Mobile Team's defense, I know you've been worked hard lately, pushing through the final phase of world domination-by-excellence, but your reputation for flawless betas is making idiots such as myself prance headfirst into a minefield! This is on an T-Mo running 4. What a disappointment: I had duplicates, missing phone numbers and null pointer errors.

Hopefully this will be fixed in the future November 21, at 6: Maybe we can do some community debugging Of the persons who are having problems: The more info there is available will make it easier to figure this stuff out. November 21, at 9: This was a nice concept in theory but maybe more testing should have been done before this was released. My phone book is totally screwed. I have phone numbers missing all through my phone book. I even took the time to add phone numbers to all my contacts in Google and there are some that still get erased after the sync.

I am done messing with this until someone can tell me or fix why my contacts are being duplicated and my phone numbers are missing in my phone when all my Google contacts have phone numbers now. Good Concept Needs more testing.

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BB Curve Verizon BIS 2. BB OS4. I have not synced with anything else before. I did find out something nice about the errors I was having. I was getting the error where the numbers would get deleted from my BB and would get null pointer errors when going to my phone log. I did a hard restart, and the numbers came back, it was like the address book had to reboot to find them. I was able to sync, hard reset, and turn off syncing. Now my contacts are relativity in sync, at least more than they were before.

I still have issues of duplicates, and people listed with many addresses, but for now my phone is working without having to restore my BB contacts from my last backup. November 21, at Glad I'm on an unlimited plan. Now I just have to hope I didn't lose too many phone numbers, though I have done a battery pull so perhaps that's not an issue. I keep getting a "Another sync client is So Google Sync will not sync these events" error.

I only have had Google Sync as my Sync program. Does anyone else have this problem? Running a tmo Might it have to due with downloading the App from the Google Mobile App not the m. Any help would make my day. Jonathan said I am experiencing the same issues as Matt. Some of my contacts are having their phone numbers stripped, and duplicate addresses added. Correcting and re-syncing causes the problem to recur.

November 21, at 2: For those who receive the "unsupported device" error. I switched all my languages back to English, I think changing the Google. I have a BBBold. I'm in sync! I'm having the same problem as matt and skisulli: November 21, at 7: Angelo said November 21, at 8: Flipit said Oh man I bought the Storm today and am a Mac user.

Almost threw it through the window when I realized pocketmac was a no go. I had the same issue with field duplication work address in Gmail contacts on each new sync cycle. Trying to fix it through a clean install from my addressbook, but really, this app is not ready and cannot be trusted with valuable user data..

November 22, at 3: Same problem as Peter said. November 22, at November 22, at 1: Kudos to google for the app. VERY disapointed that is does not work. I have a bold 4. WILL not download any contacts November 22, at 4: November 23, at 5: I want to be impressed, honest. I loved Google Sync before.

But this upgrade has crippled my contacts twice now, and I'm afraid I have to turn off the contact sync until errors are fixed. Nice try guys.

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Soon though, soon. November 23, at 7: Well, my problems outlined above have gone from bad to catastrophic. The first time, I had just hung up after checking my GrandCentral voicemail. Now, after a few resets, it was every time I hit send or tried to get into the phone or call log which I come to find, after bruising my thumb hitting OK, has been completely erased. Scroll down and expand Synchronization Options. With Synchronization Settings open, you will see checkboxes for Calendar and Contacts.

Select one or both of them and press the Save button. You will then be prompted to confirm your password, and the activation process will start. Contacts will synchronize about every four hours, and Calendar appointments will synchronize about every thirty minutes.

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