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Consumers who want to buy a good phone from nokia are but forced to use Windows os. If you want proof just check the market share of Wp running phones.

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Also everyone should understand a fact: Apple's domination is only in iOS where it is the sole player. Samsung for sure beats every other brand in android, But still when it comes to facing nokia,in WP os, we all know who the real winner is. A brands strength must be assessed by its performance in a competitive market. And since nokia manage to beat every other brand in its playground, It is the real winner.

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Nokia should have draw more plans for symbian about how hardware manufactures will use symbian os and influence third party programmers There is nothing wrong with symbian os Symbian Nooo quadcore is needed. Samy, 20 Jul Ive used both google navigation and nokia drive for a road trip in the US: Asker, 19 Jul what is better? Google maps OR Nokia maps?

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Susanta 27 Nov 17 Best. Wery goooood. Search By Device. Search By Category. Rouf Jajaijoy Ronendro tnongam Anonymous The address takes you to the same place as m. However, the program simply fails to load on my Nokia SPD Bharat Devkota Amit Anonymous xxx. ATAUR Enter the code: