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As a client, in order for your application to be approved it is compulsory that you possess a perfect credit record with further companies, that you have current payslips and bank statements that show you can sustain the loan on your own and that you will permanently live in the country during the time the loan lasts. My salary goes through capitec, how do i get a loan? Good news, since it is easier to be deducted the money directly from your Capitec account.

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You have many options but I would suggest online application since it does not take lots of time and you will receive an email with the confirmation so as to gather the documentation requested. I am a pensioner 55 years old would like to make a personal loan if possible thanks in advance Hi, you can easily obtain a loan being a pensioner, as long as you have a receiptt or a proof or income or payslip. The easiest way for you to apply is by phoning the company on this number: Can I make home renovations with a loan?

African Bank has designed its home loans, which apart from giving clients the chance of financing the house of their dreams, it enables them to buy new furniture and also make repairs to the house they already possess.

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For instance, they can buy new equipment of furniture and repay for it in periods of about 6 months. But, you can also choose 60 months period to sustain the renovations made to your home. Can i get a R loan? If you are interested in obtaining a loan at African Bank, you can get up toR , which the bank gives you freedom to finance in about 6 years but you can also finance it in 3 months. The amount given will be determined at the moment of application, based on your affordability in terms of your financial status and credit record.

I do bank with fnb so i would like to know if you can give me a loan amount of r50 Moreover, the amounts will vary depending on the loan you choose. I want to build a property, is a home loan helpful? Totally, with a home loan you can not only make repairs or renovations to an existing home of yours, but you can also take care of the building procedure of a new house you want to live in.

What are the interest rates for R 20 ? If interested in obtaining R 20 , the company will make you pay interest rates that can range from Capitec can help me with loan of r for 12 months online? You can obtain a loan of R at Capitec and repay for it in 12 months, so that the installments will be R Are these loans available in Gauteng? Capitec operates in the entire country. My credit score is terrible.

Do you think I can be eligible?

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You should apply and see if you are eligible because income and expenses also count when determining eligibility. Do they offer home loans? Yes, they do. The offer home loans from SA Home Loans.

We help you manage your financial life better, so you can live better.

Excellent company. I have taken out several loans at Capitec. I am not eligible for these loans but I've heard most people get them. Good offer. It's easy to understand and its has a full information. I need an emercincy loan. I have tried and got response and very fast. Best bank, excellent customer service. Excellent service and friendly staff. Need a quick loan. I once took a loan at capitec, i was really pleased of such low interest that i had to pay.

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The service is absolutely perfect. It's rather sad that you don't consider self employed people who have been banking with you for years. I just moved my salary payment to nedbank. No point in a bank that doesn't assist the industry that creates more employment in the country. My employees get a loan with you but i the employer don't qualify. Really odd. Good service. Thinking is there best.

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Excellent service. Excellent staff in umzinto capitec bank. Very friendly and accommodative. Always smiling to their clients. I feel at home anytime i enter the bank's premises. They do not keep customers updated with the process of the application and there is no turn around time. You will wait forever before you get any feedback, there is no sense of urgency.

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Your credit options Personalised credit Up to R cash over 84 months based on your affordability and credit profile. Learn more Credit card One card for all your banking needs.

Learn more Credit insurance Get our affordable credit insurance for cover. Learn more Credit card travel insurance International travel insurance covers unexpected medical expenses while traveling abroad. Learn more How to qualify If you answer 'Yes' to all of the following questions, you could qualify for credit: Are you 18 years or older? Are you employed not self-employed or do you earn a pension? Have you been with your current employer for longer than 2 months? Do you earn a salary not just commission which is paid into your bank account?