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Song info. "Cabin Fever" () on the album Cabin Fever(). . Big Sean [ Cabin Fever] (Free Download) Wiz Khalifa - Tweak Is Heavy (Cabin Fever 2) ( Track 13 of 14) [NEW] That's your baby momma but her number's in my iPhone.

Read ahead for a detailed explanation of how the tweak works. The equalizer provides fine-tuned control over how audio sounds on your iPhone, with sliders that can be adjusted and default presets available. Just be careful if you are playing around, as you could damage your speakers if not careful.

EqualizerEverywhere brings iTunes like equalizer to iOS

It even goes one step further and equalizes phone calls, featuring 10 bands and various presets for audio. From an overall usage perspective, EqualizerEverywhere does not chew through unnecessary RAM or deplete your battery life any worse than usual. The tweak runs smoothly with an aesthetically appealing user interface, simple controls and convenient access across iOS.

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This is why we have compiled a list of the best jailbreak tweaks that will boost your Music app …. The most interesting feature of MiniPlayer is the ability to search for a song and add it to the queue to be played next. It also allows users to arrange the songs in the queue by making use of the drag handles. You can move the music widget around on your screen and hide it by swiping it to the left or right side of the screen. Next in the list is Musiex, a tweak that is somewhat similar to MiniPlayer but instead, it appears at the top of your screen just like the iOS notification banner.


The tweak can be accessed from the Lock screen, Home screen, or within an app by making use of an activator gesture to show it. Swiping it up or pressing the Home button will hide the tweak.

ipEQ for iPhone - Add a Built In Equalizer To Your Music App For iPhone & iPod Touch

It also supports many third party music apps from the App Store. It gives you a complete control over how the tweak looks.

iOS Hacker

One of the most popular music tweak available on Cydia, Aria brings the stock iOS 7 Music app to life and provides users with the most wanted features. The notable change that Aria brings is the grid view which displays albums and artists as grids instead of a list. Additionally, the tweak provides the following features:.

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  6. Articon is a simple yet an interesting tweak that brings a change to your media app icons. The tweak changes the icon of the Now Playing music app to that of the album artwork. Not only does it support the stock Music app but also other third party media apps including Spotify, etc. The tweak allows users to pick a song directly from the Lock screen or Control Center without having to unlock the device to choose a song.

    It adds a small icon beside the media controls in Control Center and tapping on it will open up your music library. Additionally, an icon is also added to the bottom left corner of the Lock screen and holding on it for a short period of time will display your music library.

    This saves you the time of having to add them through iTunes. While most of the tweak listeds above provide you more customization options and add new features, MusicAppMods aims at providing more details about a particular song when you tap and hold on it. It displays the:.

    Add an Equalizer to the iOS Control Center | The iPhone FAQ

    MusicAppMods also allows users to hide in-line album artwork. CustomCover spices up your lockscreen by providing a range of themes which you can apply to the song artwork in the lockscreen to customize its look. The following themes are available:.