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Song info. "Cabin Fever" () on the album Cabin Fever(). . Big Sean [ Cabin Fever] (Free Download) Wiz Khalifa - Tweak Is Heavy (Cabin Fever 2) ( Track 13 of 14) [NEW] That's your baby momma but her number's in my iPhone.

It is currently rated four and a half stars in the app store and has generally good reviews from users.

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It has Facebook integration so you are able to access your current games and unlocked features across multiple devices. Another option, albeit a potentially immoral one, is to use the draw something hack tool which allows you to generate a variety of free upgrades.

Things like extra bombs and extended drawing tools can be had for free. That said we don't condone using these tools. Draw Something Tips and Tricks When playing this game, one of my biggest tips for you is to pay attention to the line thickness tool, using the default line thickness makes it really hard for both parties involved in the game, it can make it incredibly difficult for you to draw properly and it can be very difficult for your opponent who may not be able to even figure out what you have even drawn.

With the thinnest option, you can add so much more detail to your drawings and make for a much better game. If you use the draw something cheat you can actually get a variety of free drawing tools which should really help in this area. If you're nervous about some of the harder words, really don't be afraid to test your skills, while a lot of the harder ones are usually celebrities, most of the others are still pretty easy to draw as long as you know what cues to give your opponent in your drawing. Because these are more difficult to accurately portray, you win far more coins, better personal stats, and a feeling of sheer awesomeness.

Bombs are incredibly useful as they will eliminate some of the letters in your bank, which will help you guess what the correct word might be if you get really stuck, bear in mind that you should ONLY use these when you're stuck faster than superglue. Make sure that you don't get carried away with using your bombs because once you start using bombs at every opportunity, you'll run out of them very quickly; only use them in dire need. Again use the draw something bomb cheat if you want to have unlimited bombs in the game.

Also if you can't figure out the picture straight away, take a moment to check out your available letters. If you've played scrabble or Words With Friends, you'll be familiar with rearranging your available letter to come up with some semblance of a word, this is a great tactic, especially if you're struggling. If possible, I suggest using a tablet to play this game as you have so much more screen space to be able to draw what you want to draw whilst paying attention to the smaller details, also, if you have a stylus, try to use it to play this game; it makes the drawing process feel so much more natural.

One of the things I really enjoy about this game is the fact that there are no time limits for completing your drawing or making your guess, there are no punishments even if you do get the word wrong either. I also like the fact that when I linked my Facebook to the game, I was able to access all of my previously started games and I didn't have to start over with the process of building up my colors, I also like that I was able to see all of my friends who were also actively playing the game and who were looking for someone new to face off against. You're also given the option to invite other friends that aren't already playing, I like this because it allows me to suggest the game to friends I know would enjoy the game.

I also really like the fact that despite the fact that the game was originally release back in , OMGPOP are still releasing updates for the game, which really makes me want to carry on [playing and see what other new things they may come up with. Sadly there seems to be no system in place to prevent people from cheating at the game by just writing the word down to make coins, it really takes the fun out of the game when you come across people who aren't even willing to try drawing the word thy picked, it makes the game pointless because they just want coins to get more colors and bombs, but what is the point of getting these if you aren't going to even draw?

My Draw Something Review Artwork: Considering that you are the artist in this game, really the rating depends on how good an artist you are. The overall design of the game is colorful and visually appealing and definitely well done. Music and SFX: Picked By Zahir , 4 hours ago. Age Of Magic v1.

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League of Stickman: Ninja by Dreamsky Technology Co. Picked By Zahir , 5 hours ago. Taichi Panda v3.

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Picked By Zahir , 6 hours ago. Valor Guard Tactics v1.

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This hack works on the latest x64 or ARM64 iDevices: Hack Download Link: Picked By DanYal , 9 hours ago. Picked By DanYal , 10 hours ago.

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    Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Are you such a kind? Then you can continue to read, otherwise I recommend you play something quieter, because this is not the case for you! The style is definitely not too different from classic Draw Something Classic cheats, here too you will have your battlefield where you will gain free Coins you will need to put in the best cards.

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    As you will be well aware of playing, unfortunately all the hardest things cost a lot and it is by no means easy to allow it without sacrificing, but today I want to show that you do not have to spend money to have endless Coins because with the tricks Draw Something Classic hack online generator will be FREE!