run windows phone 7 on iphone

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This is a user community forum. This is not an Apple Inc. People volunteer their time and effort to try to help others. Jul 25, 8: Both Kappy and I, your fellow users, have given you good and accurate advice. There is no magic trick to fixing a hardware problem, which is what it sounds like you have. I strongly suggest that you take the phone to Apple for evaluation.

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Once they tell you what the problem is, you can make further decisions about the best way to proceed. Thank you for sticking up for your buddy, as you can imagine, I'm a frustrated customer with a problem if you were in this position, you'd understand - given the problem I have. Now, if I post something, I expect someone to reply after they have read it.

For example, the phone is stuck in a bootloop. This by definition means that one cannot boot into the OS, so why bother posting something about passcodes. Okay, maybe a slight misunderstanding? No problem, I inform that the response was of no help, but then - the following responses are still embedded in this misunderstanding.

How to Fix Bricked iPhone iPad after iOS 11 Update

If I say that i've followed the troubleshooting steps, all Kappy is doing is telling the captain of the titanic to move the ship while it's sinking. I have been in contact with Apple support, but nevertheless, Kappy has been utterly useless in my resolve. Jul 25, 9: Dd you take the time to look at the article? Even though the title mentions passcodes, it also says " or if your device is disabled" emphasis mine. It is an applicable article.

For the record, while I respect Kappy's knowledge, I doubt either he or I would refer to the other as a "buddy". We don't know each other and I suspect, if we did, we wouldn't get along especially well. And, you are not my customer. You are my fellow user. Jul 26, 4: Jul 28, 1: You're flogging a dead horse here, the point was that if Kappy had actually read my replies he wouldn't have kept posting things I've already tried lmao. If you can't understand that, maybe you ought to be his buddy. Communities Contact Support.

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Please follow the easy steps to get your iPhone to DFU mode: Related Articles: That way you'll always find your car, now matter how much of a rush you were in when you parked it. D o you get less sleep than you should? Do you find yourself staying up late, say, playing with you iPhone?

Apple's new iOS 10 update causes major 'bricking' problems for iPhone and iPad users

Well Apple has a new feature for you. Er, rather, to get you on a consistent sleeping pattern that will leave you rested, productive and thankful you downloaded iOS I like the clock app in iOS D espite the problems being experienced by some users, many others have been impressed by iOS Omg I love the new update, the photos app is so cool! And the new notification centre.

Part 2: Force Restart it to fix iPhone/iPad won't turn on

Lots of improvement. Oh and obviously this is the best thing about it: Probably the best feature. Love the new photos options and the look of it on ios RIP goodbye iOS10 pic. I've never been so happy to delete something as I am deleting the Stocks app.

Dreams do come true. T hat's what Apple advises - and plenty of people seem to be regretting having not done so. Beware the bricked iOS10 phone like mine. Make sure you back up before Apple buggers it up. Apple AppleSupport Ya Back up your phones first!!! It forced my phones into recovery mode. Thanks Apple iOS A pple Support has started reminding people to do so before they get started:. Make sure to backup first! Yep, first time in ages I decide to update iOS on release, and now it's into recovery mode.

Thanks iOS Sooo, my iphone is on its third attempt to install iOS10 and is failing. Recovery mode. What the hell, Apple We suggest updating via iTunes at this time: A pple has issued a statement saying: The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers. Turns out the install background is based on the color of your iPhone iOS10 applethinktheysmart pic. Bye bye stocks. Apple appstore iphone6plus appleiphone mobileapps ios ios10 https: Finally deleted the Stocks app on my iPhone. Thank you iOS10 isthisreallife somuchroomforactivities. Yes, it's true, you can remove built-in apps like Stocks in ios10 pic.

Deleting Stocks from my iPhone nearly a decade after it was forced upon it was a religious experience. Thank you iOS I t's a busy day for Apple's Support staff.