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If you like, though, you can set Safari to open new tabs in the background, keeping the current tab open while tucking the new tabs behind. Now, when you tap and hold a link in Safari, the pop-up menu will include an Open in Background options.

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Tap it, and the link you open will disappear behind your currently open tab. Ben Patterson.

Become an expert at Safari for iOS with these 8 tips and tricks. Ambitious Update Rings in the Changes.

Get to Google on Safari

Last Cam Standing XI: Ben Patterson You can pick any bookmarks folder you like for your Safari Favorites. Show or hide tabs bar iPad only Another desktop-like advantage of Safari for iPad is the tabs bar, which shows all your open tabs just below the address bar or the Favorites bar, if you still have it enabled.

All of the bookmarks that usually display in the Bookmarks bar were gone. The bookmarks in the Bookmarks menu had disappeared, too. Interestingly enough, the Top Sites bookmarks were still present, which provided a clue to what had happened. The bookmarks disappeared after the Apple Mail app got hung up for some reason. We had to use the Force Quit option to get out of Mail, but we had no trouble manually quitting Safari and the other apps we had open at the time.

Help, My Safari Bookmarks Are Gone!

When we rebooted the Mac and launched Safari, everything had disappeared. There wasn't a single item in the Bookmarks bar or the Bookmarks menu. But as we mentioned, the Top Sites were still present. The most likely cause of the problem was that the bookmarks. The file could have simply become locked when the Force Quit was performed, or it could have gotten scrambled at some point when we were trying to get Mail working again.

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  • Mail and Safari shouldn't be intertwined like this, but perhaps they share a system library that was involved in the lockup problem. Problems with plist files are one of the Macs Achilles heals.

    Safari icon from iPhone showing in macOS Dock - Ask Different

    They seem to be a weak point in how applications are structured. Thankfully plist files that become corrupt are easily replaced, causing at most a bit of inconvenience. You will find instructions for replacing plist files below.