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In this Article: As a Virgin Mobile customer, you can check your account balance at any time to verify the amount of prepaid funds you have remaining on your phone plan. Whether you want to check your balance on the go or sitting on your computer at home, Virgin Mobile has you covered. You can check your account balance online at the Virgin Mobile website, or access your account directly from your mobile phone in a variety of ways.

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Payment Cards. Learn more. Learn more Method 1. Visit the Virgin Mobile website. Navigate to the Virgin Mobile MyAccount login page at https: Log in. Log in to your Virgin Mobile account using your mobile phone number and PIN or account number and password. This link will help you authenticate your account and make a new password.

View your balance. Your current account balance will be displayed at the top of your session just below the top menu bar. Method 2. Use a Smart Phone. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I typed the number in my phone and nothing happened. Are you sure it would work?

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Hi Marc, did you purchase this Samsung phone through Virgin Mobile and if not through the Virgin Mobile website, where did you buy it from? I now have a useless phone that can't be used for anything. I have a Loft phone, is it outdated with virgin mobile now? I'm glad they're getting you a new SIM, cassp. I think that should have been their solution in the first place. Please let me know how things work out. Where did you buy the phone and what was Virgin Mobile and Sprint's reason for saying they couldn't activate it?

Kristen, My iPhone 5s is a Sprint phone. Both Sprint and Virgin say the activation is impossible. More conversation with Virgin is getting me a new SIM. Don't know if that will help bcuz all they looked at was the IMEI number. I'm told the phone is unlocked and I did reset it thru Apple ITunes. Both Virgin and Sprint say that my used iPhone 5s cannot be activated to my Virgin number even though the phone is unlocked and previously used on Sprint.

What's up? Nikki, what kind of phone do you have? Can you go into the About in your phone and see it listed? I tried to find a solid answer for you but came up with nothing. You may have to call the customer service line for this one. I hope this works lol I'm waiting and it's like taking forever but I'm happy so far.

Thanks for the hack!!!! Did you ever figure this out? If you did and are able to summarize here that would be awesome because I do NOT know the answer. I just ordered a new iphone for the Inner Circle plan, and it says after confirmation, I'll need an SS number and various info from my account.

I am transferring my number from a T-Mobile Fanily Plan. My question is - what info will I need from the person who pays that bill we had a fall out and will I need a Social Security Number which I don't have? And will I be able to transfer my number the way outlined above instead?

Interactive Device Guides.

Hey Ana, if the steps here don't work try going to "tools" and settings" and then "phone info" if that's an option for you. I can't say for certain, Russell, but these steps are actually based on an older Virgin Mobile phone from like if that helps: Does anyone else here know if these steps will work on older Virgin Mobile or any other kinds of phones?

Will this work on any phone I buy, or does it have to be a Virgin phone. I have had the same phone for years.

Tech Notes - How To Program And Activate Virgin Mobile Phones

It says Virgin on it but I want a newer phone. I don't want to pay their prices. Hey Earl! In my experience I'm pretty sure that you could keep the same plan IF you make sure to purchase a phone that is compatible with the plan you've been using: Hi, this sounds awesome. I recently just crack the h3ll out of my screen so I'm planning on buying a new one shortly. Will this allow me to keep the exact plan that I currently have?

I think you should be able to activate your new Virgin Mobile phone just as you would with any other Virgin Mobile phone. Where you buy it wouldn't make a difference: If you have a keypad, you should be able to just start typing the digits in. You would call from your virgin mobile to avoid using minutes or call their customer service number, and enter your phone number when prompted and push , then push 5, then push 2, and follow instructions you hear. You would want to select an area code phone number from the state you are interested in.

So, make sure you check ahead on what area codes are used in that state or city you want.

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Manually Program the Device

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