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New icon is added which needs to be updated in xcode. Once you add app icon with pt, it should fix the issue.

How to Find Hidden or Missing Apps on iPhone

Alap Anerao Alap Anerao 1, 12 The following section will be visible. Scroll down and you will see the App Store iOS icon set. Preferably add the icon inside "AppIcon. This should fix the issue. If png format didn't work, use the image as jpg. For me, it was jpg that worked.

App Store Icon is Missing From iPhone or iPad

Strangely, I did this, and it passed the build, and sent it to itunes connect. I went through the illustrated steps and it worked, but i did show the icon already existed in the location. Also, I found that despite telling me that my binaries were rejected or whatever the missing icon error message was , they were all waiting for me in iTunes connect - to attach to my app submission, so I'm unsure if those were actual errors or warnings. Andrew I archive it again after making the changes.

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You can modify the archive I guess. Try this thread - stackoverflow.

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  8. Please find the below steps. For more information please find the below GIF representation. Hope it works!!! The fact that some of your apps disappeared only makes it more frustrating because there's no logical reason why they should have, right?

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    6. Fortunately, we have a few things you can try out in order to dig for all your missing apps. These methods involve making sure the app is still on your iPhone which usually means it's just hidden somewhere on the home screen somewhere , making sure you're not blocked from using any apps, and finding ones that are hidden. One way to see if the app is still on your iPhone is to use the Search feature. From your home screen, swipe down on the page somewhere below the status bar and above the dock. Next, type in the app's name in the Search box.

      If it's still on your iPhone, it should show up near the top under Applications. If the app is not currently installed on your iPhone, it may show up under the App Store heading instead. If so, tap on "View," then the cloud button to quickly redownload it.

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      If you see "Get" instead of the cloud button, then you've never installed the app before on any of your devices. However, if you see "Open" instead of "View" under the App Store heading, that most likely means you are restricted from accessing the app see Step 2 below.

      App store icon: App store icon missing from iPhone/iPad

      If an app isn't appearing under Applications or App Store in Search, it doesn't mean it's not on your iPhone at all. When an app you're looking for appears under the Settings heading instead, that usually means the app is hidden from Search.

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      If it is and it says "Off," tap on it and toggle on both switches. Aside from these Search tips, you can also go right to the Settings app and see if it's listed there. However, like mentioned above, not all apps have iOS-specific settings, so it might not show up there anyway. A better way is to go the App Store and search for it there. If it says "Open" next to it, it's on your device somewhere.

      Every icon for every App I've ever installed is gone but every stock Apple App that was preinstalled is still there and on the page and folder that I had rearranged it to before. When I go into the app store it has the same little cloud icon like ive bought the app before.

      When I check my usage stats it says 26GB available I have 57GB Capacity used but only 3GB is used for photos, music, etc so the rest must be my apps but there are no icons. I'm afraid if I restore from backup that all my data will be erased. It must all be there since it's occupying space.

      The apps that I have like mail and messages still have access to data but where did all my icons go? Page content loaded. First thing try powering the phone off and then back on again. If no joy, then reset the phone. See where you get from there.

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      Jan 23, 6: Jan 24, 9: I was nervous about that so I didn't try but since I didn't see any alternative I tried it. It did reload all my apps but with a problem.

      App Store Icon is Missing From iPhone or iPad

      A warning for others So essentially all your data will be lost unless the app itself stores things on a cloud when you had it before. Cloud based apps will revert back to the last data stored on them. Jun 4, 8: Jul 8, 6: Feb 16, 5: I tried waylman method and my app store ikon still missing yes katgrrl2 your way may work but then i will have to spend all day setting the screens back up and moving all the never used but always installed apple apps.

      What i cannot understand it why after every ios upgrade there is always a problem do they not test first i will wait for the next upgrade and hope that sorts things out. Jun 2, 9: